Chicken Cashew Curry in Roti

Serves 4


1/2 Onion (roughly chopped)

2 Garlic cloves

1 Chicken Stock Cube

1/2 t Salt

1 T Garam Masala powder

1 T Curry powder (as hot or as mild as you like)

1 t Coriander powder

1/2 lemon juice

2 c boiled Water

1 T dried Chives

4 T Sunflower oil for cooking

3 Chicken Breasts Skinless (cut into thin slices / chunks)

1/2 c salted Cashews

1 T chopped fresh parsley


Using a Pestle and Mortar (or blender)

Mash the garlic, chicken stock cube, salt, garam masala, curry and coriander.

Add the lemon juice to form a paste


Add the water and chives, and set aside.

Heat the oil, in a pot on high heat

add onions and fry till soft

add the chicken (cook for 10 min, stirring regularly)

add the curry sauce (cook for proximately 10 min)

turn off the heat

add the cashews and parsley, stir


cover and set aside until you are ready with your roti


click  Roti for the recipe

serve with chutney peach / mango



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